We are living in a time where law enforcement officers are under a certain amount of scrutiny. Some of it is absolutely called for, some not.

Under the umbrella of rampant mistrust of certain institutions in this country comes mistrust of law enforcement and your rights. Do you know your rights?

The following is a commonly asked question, or at least commonly wondered.

Do You Have To Roll Your Window Down When Pulled Over In Massachusetts?

David Lentz

To communicate effectively, you sort of have to...

  • DO turn off your engine and roll down your window. If you wish, you can keep the window just low enough to talk through until you’re comfortable that this is a legitimate officer, then roll it down all the way.
  • ALWAYS keep your hands on the wheel and clearly visible to the officer. -mamunsonlaw.com

Unrelated: I always found that being honest with a police officer will result in a lesser ticket. I'm obviously referring to minor traffic related infractions.

Anecdotal: I once told an officer that I had "no idea" why she was pulling me over when I knew damn well the reason why. My issued speeding ticket was for $300!

I hope you found this post informative.

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