I have a love hate relationship with my iPhone. At times it's my saving grace, I get anxiety if I leave it at home, but at the same time I curse at it, and want to throw it out the window at least once a day. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

I am by know means a iPhone expert, but I feel like I knew most of the tricks, so I was pleasantly surprised to find this awesome list of iPhone settings to make your life simpler from Popular Science. I knew about a handful of these before hand, but most of them are new to me. Finding a new iPhone hack is like gold to me, so I had to share!

Check the whole list on Popular Science, but here are some of my favorites.



  • Find Emoji's Faster

    Everyone knows when you type a word the corresponding emoji will pop up, but to save you time, you can write an entire text, then tap the emoji keyboard icon, any word that has an emoji will turn orange, and then you just tap which words you want to switch. Super easy and quick.


  • Enable QR code scanning

    I never knew how to do this! So awesome because basically every product, app, whatever, has a QR code and I felt like I was missing out. Just go to your camera settings and push the the 'Scan QR Codes' switch to on. Now you can use the Camera app as normal, but when it pans over QR codes, it will automatically scan them.

  • Abandon Weak Wi-Fi Networks

    I HATE when your phone automatically connects to a crappy Wi-Fi signal. I end up turning Wi-Fi off, and of course without fail, go two days with forgetting it's off. Hello data overage charges! Go to settings, then cellular and turn the 'Wi-Fi Assist' toggle switch on. If you have a decent data plan and strong network connectivity, your iPhone will ditch weak Wi-Fi in favor of more reliable mobile data. When you hit a strong Wi-Fi connections, it will automatically switch you back.

  • Fall Asleep to Your Music

    I'm one of those people who can't fall asleep in dead silence, so most of the time I put on Spotify as I drift off. One of two things will happen. I'll wake up with music still playing and my battery drained, or I'll wake up mid sleep and fumble around with my phone to turn it off, which then wakes up my dog and then I realize I have to pee. You can actually use the timer on your phones clock settings to shut off anything it's playing, rather then having the timer trigger a tone or alert when times up. Open the Clock app and hit the Timer tab. From there, select When Timer Ends. Rather than select a tone, scroll to the bottom of the list and hit Stop Playing instead. Finally, set the duration of the timer and tap Start.

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