Growing up in the Boston area (Lynn), I was privy to, call it "Boston-Style", "North Shore-Style", "Eastern-Mass." style roast beef sandwiches. Now, for those of you who have had the opportunity to inhale one of these delicious joys in life, you can understand the obsession.

These sandwiches are very unique to the Eastern part of Massachusetts. Kelly's Roast Beef which originated on Revere Beach in the '50s has become a chain over the last few decades; however, true fans of roast beef sandwiches head to the "mom and pop" shops.

In Lynn, we frequented "John's Roast Beef", "Superior Roast Beef and Seafood", "Mino's Roast Beef", and more! Too many more to mention statewide.

The Sandwich.

Thinly sliced, warm, rare-ish, roast beef on a butter-toasted bun, topped with cheese, bbq sauce, and mayo. This is called the "three-way". Seen below is the "super-beef" three-way, as you can see which includes an onion roll.


There is also the small-sized "junior beef", large-sized, simply titled "beef", and the "super beef". Other toppings can include lettuce and tomato, but most just opt for the bbq sauce, cheese, and mayo combination, or one and not the other.

The Sauce.

This is key. It MUST be the James River brand bbq sauce. It's not dark, not smokey, just so delicious you could DRINK it. At least, I could. This sauce is what really makes these sandwiches so famous.


Marjo and I will mention these delightful sandwiches from time to time and if one would or could survive here. Yes, we've heard of "Sub N Beef" formerly of Pittsfield, but that apparently was not the same.

No matter how you enjoy your roast beef, order some fries or onion rings to go with it, grab PLENTY of napkins, and enjoy ecstasy.




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