About five years ago, I signed up for Netflix, primarily so I could binge watch "Breaking Bad". My smart TV was atop the mantle and ready to go, what happened next was REALLY maddening. Everything was fine for the first season, but then that stupid little buffering circle began to spin and spin, like, constantly.

My internet provider at the time was Time Warner Cable, (now Spectrum), and when I called them to complain about my issue, they first blamed my smart TV, and then Netflix itself. Netflix assured me it was my internet provider. Classic round and round story, right?

I should be clear that, Netflix, only seems to buffer when I'm watching on my new 52" Samsung TV (no longer smart), and not on my MacBook. I have no idea why this is; however, I now have an Amazon fire stick, and the SAME THING HAPPENS.

What is going on? Do I really need faster internet speed? The last time I checked, I had the fastest possible. Is my connection bad? I mean, my modem/wifi box is DIRECTLY under my TV.

When I took my frustration to the air this morning, I learned that others are experiencing similar issues, and, some suggestions to a possible fix. One listener said to simply reinstall the Netflix application, another, had googled her way out of it and reconfigured her TV.

With a toddler running around the house and a very pregnant wife who needs attention, like many others, I look to Netflix for a little escape. I want my shows uninterrupted! It's 2018, is that too much to ask?


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