Blame Trump or blame those damn millennials for not having enough kids. Whoever you blame is irrelevant, because the once beloved Toys "R" Us has filed for bankruptcy protection and is closing stores all across the country.

I remember going to Toys "R" Us as a child, and there was nothing better. Endless shelves of wonderful toys that my parents couldn't afford to buy us. But walking out with something was always amazing. Those days are long gone, and now for today's kids as well...or are they?

Founded in Pittsfield, MA in 1922, KB Toys, maybe making a comeback! Although it went bankrupt for the second time in 2008, the company that now owns the name plans to open up about 1000 "pop up" stores before Black Friday this year, according to

Strategic Marks who bought the KB Toys brand, has already talked to exiting Toys "R" Us employees and will decide which "pop up" stores will remain after the shopping season is over.

The original idea was to revive KB Toys as an online store, but since the news that Toys "R" Us plans to close 730 stores, this became an option. Although Toys "R" Us is closing, the U.S. toy industry has grown 4.5% over the last three years.


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