You may not have to remember to put your driver's license back in your wallets if an ongoing pilot program finds success.

According to a report from FOX, the pilot program is off and running in four states, as well as Washington D.C. Those states are Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming and Maryland.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology provided a $2 million grant to Gemalto, a cyber-security company, to design the two year pilot program for digital licenses.

I'm sure you may have some concerns and questions -- What if I just want to buy a six-pack of beer? What if I get pulled over?

In regards to buying alcohol, "you only see their picture and it says that they are of age," said Elizabeth Gregg, general manager of Applejack Wine & Spirits in Denver, which was part of the pilot. What that means is the clerk will only see what they need to see.

As far as getting pulled over, you may be asking if you have to give your phone to the police officer, which would make me a bit weary as well. The good news, if this were to become a reality, is that the phone would never leave your hand. Gemalto's solution was to create a separate app, to be used like a digital movie ticket, where the officer would just scan the information that is needed.

If this comes to pass, for the old school folks who would prefer to continue to use a hard copy of their license, you will have the option to continue to do so. Most are confident that folks will have the opportunity to choose which form of ID they would like to use within the next five years.



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