If there is a silver lining to this story, the man made it home safely after having a few too many libations.

However, it cost him $1,600-plus to do it.

Kenneth Bachman, who lives in Gloucester County, New Jersey spent the night drinking with some buddies. After "blacking out" as he so eloquently put it, Bachman decided to make the right decision and order an Uber. He just happened to be partying in Morgantown, West Virginia near the state University.

While falling asleep in the Uber, which ended up being an UberXL, making it even more expensive, he woke up in his driveway with the driver letting him know what he owed -- $1,635.93.

According to CBS Philadelphia, Bachman, clearly, had no choice but to pay the tab. Days later, he headed back to West Virginia to pick up the belongings he left behind.

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