Massachusetts has areas where people like to do their fair share of celebrating which can include at times, consuming alcohol. Take Boston for example. Boston is a sports town but also attracts many tourists. On top of that Boston has a high number of restaurants and bars. The amount of establishments in Boston that serve alcohol is over 3,000. So, it's no surprise that Boston ranks high when it comes to drinking but according to 24/7 Wall Street, Boston is not the drunkest city in Massachusetts.

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Where is the Drunkest City in Massachusetts?

As reported by 24/7 Wall Street, a list was recently compiled by 24/7 to find out the drunkest places in every state, and for Massachusetts, the winner is Barnstable Town which happens to be the largest community both in land area and population, on Cape Cod and is one of thirteen Massachusetts municipalities that have been granted city forms of government by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts but wish to retain "the town of" in their official names. Below are the statistics and results of Barnstable Town in terms of drinking activity.

  • Drunkest metro area for Massachusetts: Barnstable Town
  •  Adults who drink excessively: 24.2% (Statewide: 19.3% – 20th highest)
  • Countywide driving deaths involving alcohol: 38.8% (Statewide: 30.5% – 19th highest)
  • Barnstable Town population: 232,457

Celebrating is Fine but Make Sure That Safety is a Top Priority 

Just a reminder that no matter where you are celebrating whether it's Barnstable Town, Boston, or any city, town or state just make sure you have a designated driver ready to go when it's time to go home. The holidays are here and there are plenty of celebrations that will be taking place this time of year involving the use of alcohol. You can read more about the study including which other U.S. cities made the list along with the methodology that was used by going here.

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