Christmas is upon us and that means there's lots to do before the big day. Grocery shopping, wrapping presents, and some cooking are just a few examples of the never-ending duty list.

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Many Massachusetts residents will be happy to know that if they want a break from the Christmas rush and just want to grab a quick breakfast or a donut or cup of joe on Christmas morning they may be able to as Dunkin' will be open that morning. This will certainly come in handy if you wake up on December 25 and find that you have no milk in your refrigerator. Maybe you don't celebrate Christmas and you just want a Dunkin' fix that morning, you're in luck at least for the most part.

Massachusetts Residents Should Check With Their Local Dunkin' Location to Confirm The Eatry Will Be Open on Christmas Day 

According to a couple of sources including The Pioneer Woman and Reader's Digest, many Dunkin' locations will be open on Christmas Day and this includes locations in Massachusetts but some hours may be adjusted. In addition, other Dunkin' locations may not be open at all in Massachusetts and throughout the country. A representative of Dunkin' was quoted in The Pioneer Woman article as saying the following:

While many Dunkin’ locations will be open on Christmas, we encourage our guests to check the Dunkin' Mobile App to confirm if their local store is open before visiting.

It's Easy to Check to See if Your Massachusetts Dunkin' Location Will be Open on December 25

The article also noted that you can check the hours of your local franchise using the Dunkin' online store locator tool. If for some reason you don't have access to either method, you can always call the location nearest you to confirm if your location will indeed be open on Christmas Day.

It Certainly Isn't Difficult to Find a Massachusetts Dunkin' Location Near You

Dunkin' has over 1,000 locations throughout Massachusetts including Boston, Shrewsbury, Pittsfield, Westfield, Springfield, and the list goes on and on. Find your Dunkin' location by going here and feel free to treat yourself on Christmas morning.

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