After being trapped in a cave since June 23, the last of the Wild Boar soccer team from Thailand and their coach have been freed after an amazing rescue effort that captivated the world.

According to multiple news outlets, shortly after 8 am eastern standard time this morning, it was announced that the last of the boys and their coach had safely emerged. At this time, four out of the 19 Thai Navy Seal rescue divers were left in the cave working their way out.

The boys became trapped in the cave 18 days ago when exploring an area they did not know could become dangerous during Thailand's rainy season.  On July 2 they were found, but heavy rains and the complexity of the caves made a rescue very dangerous and difficult. The past eight days have been spent extricating boys one by one, while also sending down protein and fuels to help the starving group.

All boys appear to be safe and expected to make a full recovery, but because of associated health risk, they will be held and treated in a local hospital.

The Daily Mail created a graphic to show the danger of the rescue

Daily Mail
Daily Mail

Check out this virtual tour of the cave courtesy of CNN to understand the complexity of the situation.



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