Isn't it amazing? We get a week of very mild weather and then all of a sudden, we have another storm to, potentially, prepare for. It will all kick off in the overnight and last through Saturday morning.

The weather pattern is super mysterious. Nobody really knows what is going to happen with this one. We could just get absolutely bombarded with rain, we could get 10 inches of snow, we may get a big, whopping mix of both. I saw one Boston area meteorologist say that the current combination of things mirrors the "Blizzard of '78" and the "Perfect Storm" from 1991.

The lesson here is whether it's rain, snow or both, this could be a significant one. There will be a lot of rain in the early parts of this storm, according to just about everybody. The snow accumulations is the biggest mystery. When will it change over from all rain to heavy wet snow? That is the $1 million dollar question.

So, let's see what the local experts are thinking as far as snow accumulation. As noted, they are scratching their heads with this one. is predicting 4-8 inches, with areas seeing upwards of 10 inches of snow.

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 10.32.44 AM

Albany Meteorologists

Boston Area Meterologists


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