We're living in the scam age. Residents of Massachusetts deal with scammers via email, the phone, social media. Not to sound ageist, but it seems folks of of a certain age (older), naturally may be targeted and/or fall for the scams. To be clear, people of all ages get scammed.

Fake Arrest Warrant Scam Hits Massachusetts


Berkshire County Massachusetts is dealing with an apparent group or individual calling upon residents and trying to take their money. Scammers claiming that they are associated with BCSO, are alarming people with information that they have a warrant for their arrest and money will alleviate that situation.

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During the day today, we have been notified of not just one scam, but multiple scams involving our office. Individuals are contacting many within the community stating they work for our office using names of prior or current employees. These individuals are stating within these calls that you have an outstanding warrant and they can clear the warrant by sending money to an unknown location or bringing the money to our facility.

These individuals have used multiple numbers that have appeared on caller ID’s. They have even used our facility number which makes it seem legit. However, it is not and they are using technology called spoofing which can be simply done by downloading an application to one’s personal phone.

If you receive calls stating such information about outstanding warrants from our office, please hang up and contact your local police department. As a correctional facility, we do not make such calls or such notifications to the public. Please continue to be safe and healthy Berkshire County!

My in-laws were recently scammed, one by a fake Medicare scammer, the other by a fake USPS scammer. Beware!

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