I first heard the term "penny stocks" in the movie, "The Wolf of Wall Street". Penny stocks trade below $5, and are usually high risk, high reward.

In Billy Hahn's "Penny Land", the main character Billy (David Joseph) tries to get rich quick to bankroll a friend's dream of movie making.

The film, which was made on a budget of $5000.00, took about eight months to film. The actors, who donated their time, include David Joseph, Michael Burnet, Jamie Greenland, Jeff Kent, Kaileela Hobby, Kendal Lenihan, Ryan Marchione, Robert Lohbauer & co-stars Jennie Jadow, Elizabeth Aspenlieder, Zoe Laiz, Dana Harrison, Heidi Saupe, Tom Dawley, Chip Hodgkins, Rick Robbins, Sam Burnham, John Martin Jr., Molly Northrup, Evan Valenti & Melanie Ray.

Hahn says 99.5 percent of the film was shot in Berkshire County — Mount Greylock, Pittsfield, Lee, Housatonic, Lenox, Stockbridge, Hahn's apartment in South County. - The Berkshire Eagle

The New England premiere of "Penny Land" will be shown at The Mahaiwe Perfoming Arts Center on Saturday, July 14, at 8 PM.

See the trailer below

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