We all knew that the war in Ukraine will continue to negatively affect gas prices here in the states and across the world.  The largest price increases so far during this crisis happened overnight Wednesday into Thursday.

Just 3-days ago the average price of gas in the country was $3.60.  According to AAA, the average price per gallon in the county today is $3.72.  An increase of 12-cents in less than 72 hours.  The average price per gallon today in Massachusetts is also $3.72, the national average. In Berkshire County, the average price is $3.70 up 10-cents in 3 days.  In California, the price has jumped close to $5 a gallon at $4.94 according to AAA.

The least expensive price for gas in the Berkshires has consistently been the South Street Mobile in Pittsfield.  The price when I drove by yesterday morning was listed on the station's digital sign at $3.49 per gallon.  Driving past last night the price had jumped to $3.54 a gallon.  In just one day the sign this morning read $3.79.  That's an increase of 30-cents in one day.  As seen in the pictures below the price of diesel jumped 44-cents in one day.  There could be extenuating circumstances at the South Street Mobile for the jump well over the national average.  The pictures below were taken at the same time of the morning just one day apart.


Picture Taken Yesterday (Wednesday) 3/2/22 at 9:27 AM


Picture Taken Today (Thursday) 3/3/22 at 10:02 AM


Although the driving habits in the country were very different this time last year with fewer motorists on the road because of the pandemic, the average price of gas in the U.S. was $2.73.  Today’s AAA average is $3.72…a 99-cent increase over 2021.

Although the price of gas and groceries continued to climb, we do have our freedom and at last check, no enemy tanks or incoming missiles have been seen rolling down our street or blowing up our neighborhoods.  I cannot help fight the war in Ukraine but I will pay more at the pump as a sacrifice to hold the madness of Putin accountable.  How about you?

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