I know we often poke fun at the City of Lynn's reputation on-air, but it really is, for the most part, a nice city, and happens to be TRENDING in a big way.

George Clooney, who is no stranger to Massachusetts, (The Perfect Storm was filmed in Gloucester in 2000), is currently directing a new movie called "The Tender Bar".

The film stars Cambridge-born Ben Affleck as well as "Back To The Future'" star Christopher Lloyd.

The Tender Bar” is based on the memoir by author J.R. Moehringer and will feature Ben Affleck as Uncle Charlie. The movie tells the story of young J.R., played by Tye Sheridan from “Ready Player One.” J.R. longs for a father figure, since his disappeared at a young age, so he builds relationships with the regulars at his uncle’s bar on Long Island before leaving to attend Yale.  itemlive.com

Clooney was photographed directing scenes within the walls of Edward A. Sisson elementary school as well as Pickering Junior High School on Conomo Ave, my alma mater!

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Photos courtesy of The Daily Item newspaper and itemlive.com.

Filming was done in and outside of both schools (which are connected), students' and teachers' regular daily activities were uninterrupted.

A custodian for Pickering Junior High School who was around for the filming apparently played a quick basketball game with Clooney and lost. He said the actor was "very, very nice", according to itemlive.com.

The parking lot at St. Pius V Church (where I went every Sunday for years!) on Maple St. was also used for crew gear, food, and cars.

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