Since its inception in mid-January, the City of Pittsfield’s LED streetlight conversion project has installed 458 LED streetlights to date. Through this project, all streetlights in the city are expected to be converted to LEDs by the end of spring.

Those interested in following this work can now do so via a dashboard available on the city’s website,, through the Department of Public Utilities’ page.  A direct link to the map can be accessed here:

The dashboard, which is updated daily, features a color-coded map that reflects the types of lighting fixtures, yellow for cobra heads and blue for decorative lights. Purple indicates areas such as parks and nonstreet-based decorative lighting. Additionally, the numbers refer to the wattage of the LED. For instance, most lights within the city will be 19 watts or 40 watts, while higher wattage is designated for major roads with 60 to 150 watts.

The “no replacement” tab represents the 465 existing LED lights in the city, apart from those installed this year.

City Engineer Ricardo Morales said this resource allows the community to stay connected to the conversion project, which will reduce both maintenance and electric utility costs for the city.

“It’s important that we take a proactive and transparent approach to keeping the public informed with updates that let them know this project is on track,” said Morales.

For more information, please call the Department of Public Services and Utilities at 499-9330.

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