Hopeless addicts, myself included, of the "Breaking Bad" series could be in for another dose of euphoria! The series' prequel, "Better Call Saul", I just couldn't get into, despite high critical acclaim. So here we go.

Creator Vince Gilligan is apparently working on a two hour movie inspired by the wildly popular series. YA BITCH!

Details are sparse, with no information on what shape the movie would take — a prequel like “Better Call Saul” or something else — or whether any of “Breaking Bad’s” stars will return. The Albuquerque Journal includes a logline stating the film “tracks the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom.” -Variety

Some fans of "Breaking Bad" were skeptical of the news, fearing it might stain the legacy, others were chomping at the bit. Work on the film is scheduled for later this month.


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