If you are ready for a spine-tingling story, continue reading as we are bringing you "Just The Facts" on a creepy medical facility that was not too kind towards Bay state youngsters who were admitted beneath these walls (some of them were held against their will due to severe medical setbacks). Back in the 19th century (1884 to be exact) a Boston facility known as The Experimental School For Teaching And Training Children was founded by Samuel Gridley Howe as he was successful in excluding people who were categorized as "inferior in nature".

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Fast forward to the 1920's as this so-called "house of horrors" relocated to Waltham, Massachusetts and received a new name: The Walter E. Fernald Developmental Center as this gentleman in question was deemed the "poster child" of a movement once known as American Eugenics as he was successful in excluding people who were categorized as "inferior in nature" and therefore began an imprisonment under duress.

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According to Wikipedia, another shocking revelation revealed the Quaker Oats Company was instrumental in collaborating with The Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT) to conduct a series of experiments targeting males in receiving tracer doses of radioactive isotopes between 1946 and 1953.

Robert S. Harris was a professor of nutrition at MIT as he presided in this horrendous practice as he coaxed youngsters to join a so-called "Science Program" where they were able to participate in food parties and outings to Red Sox games at Fenway Park. Members in turn were forced to consume iron enriched cereals and calcium based milk as a daily breakfast plus a series of radioactive calcium tracers were distributed after every meal.

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A daily analysis of blood and stool samples also were a consistent part of this horrific regimen as about a dozen and a half participants received inoculations that contained iron based radio isotopes. Keep in mind, the children and their parents did NOT authorize their consent as all parties were forced to par take in this dastardly scientific study which in turn led to health based problems for all those who unwillingly took part in this unethical round of testing.

The facility was also overcrowded during it's operation as each youngster received a low form of education and reports of physical and sexual abuse surfaced for decades. It is unclear if charges were filed toward the facility which eventually was forced to close it's doors. The final discharge took place in 2014, but the horrific memories continue to serve as a grim reminder of what went on beneath the walls of this decrepit institution which truly gave a black eye to this eastern Massachusetts community. this is one example of when we DON'T want history to repeat itself.

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