Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker paid a visit to Berkshire Community College's vaccine clinic for a mini-press conference on Thursday.

Joining Baker were, Mayor Linda Tyer, Senator Adam Hinds and Rep. Tricia Farley- Bouvier.

Slater had the chance to speak with BCC's Marketing and Communications Director, Jonah Sykes about the appearance.

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Slater: So, what was Baker's purpose in attending the clinic here in The Berkshires?

Slater: On a scale of one to ten, how complimentary was he, (Baker), of you and your staff and any other key player involved at the clinic?

Slater: Senator Hinds and Rep. Farley-Bouvier were both very critical of the Governor's rollout of the vaccine. Did they exchange words at all?

Slater: Did Baker mention the currently 'on pause' Johnson and Johnson vaccine?


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