More Green porch lights have been popping up on Massachusetts homes lately. There's one house that I pass by every morning in Pittsfield that has a green porch light year-round. In addition, I have seen porch lights in other areas of Massachusetts including Westfield and Springfield. What do these green porch lights mean?

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Why are People Displaying Green Porch Lights in Massachusetts?

Other than the fact that they look cool, one reason that people are switching out their regular bulbs for green ones is to show support for our military veterans. You may see more green porch lights pop up around Memorial Day in May and Veteran's Day in November but some people want to show support for the military year-round. It would be great to see more of these green porch lights on display specifically for this reason.

Where to Get Green Porch Lights?

You can get green porch lights from hardware stores and online. In addition, some stores sell multi-colored light bulbs with a remote control. This type of bulb would be convenient if you wanted to show support for other causes and holidays. For example, a blue porch light shows support for law enforcement. A red porch light is used to show support for our firefighters not to mention some people display them on Valentine's Day.

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