The warm weather rolls on which means more time is being spent outdoors by many. This also means that people are wearing fewer layers and have greater chances of getting attacked by ticks. While we know that we need to protect ourselves from ticks there are two ticks in Massachusetts that are particularly attracted to dogs.

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The American Dog Tick, also known as the Wood Tick is common in Massachusetts. According to AZ Animals, these ticks prefer grasslands, where they lie in wait on blades of grass, holding out their front legs to latch onto any creature that happens to pass by. American dog ticks prefer the blood of canines, but won’t say no to human blood either. These ticks take large blood meals so they can lay thousands of eggs. Luckily, these ticks don't carry the Lyme Disease germ but they do carry other germs that can cause the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever disease which can make you and your dog sick.

Signs and Symptoms of the Rocky Mountain Fever Disease

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Rash
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Stomach pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Lack of appetite

Learn more about the American Dog Tick in the video below.


The Brown Dog Tick is common everywhere dogs live and according to AZ Animals, this is the only tick in Massachusetts that lives indoors. According to the site, the only thing a brown dog tick needs to survive is the presence of a dog, which means they’re most common in homes with dogs. These ticks are annoying because they are very difficult to remove once they get into your house. These ticks don't transmit the Lyme Disease germ but they transmit pet parasites.

Brown Dog Ticks Can Cause Several Tick-Borne Illnesses in Dogs 

According to Pest World, these ticks rarely feed on humans but can serve as vectors of Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Boutonneuse fever which is caused by the rickettsial bacterium Rickettsia conorii. Additionally, they can transmit several tick-borne diseases to dogs, including canine ehrlichiosis and canine Babesia, which can cause symptoms including fever, bleeding disorders, and systemic shock.

Learn More About Brown Dog Ticks here and in the video below.

No matter where you live whether it's Boston, Worcester, Springfield, or anywhere in Massachusetts these two types of ticks are common and can cause trouble for dogs. Ensure you thoroughly check your pets daily for ticks, especially if they go outdoors regularly. Using a preventative product on your pet may also be a good idea which you can discuss with your veterinarian. Get more tick prevention tips on pets by going here.

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