New Englanders are passionate about many things. Clam chowder, sports, towns with names that are spelled completely differently then they are pronounced, and of course Dunks. Yes, its true, we love our Dunkin' Donuts and are willing to try pretty much anything new they come up with, but what about Dunks beer?!

I know it sounds weird, but bear with me. The coffee behemoth has teamed up with another New England staple, Harpoon Brewery, to create the ultimate coffee lovers beer, Harpoon Dunkin' Coffee Porter. As of yesterday, craft beer fans throughout the east coast will be able to indulge in the taste of Dunkin's Espresso Blend Coffee combined with Harpoon's famous craft beer.

The 6 percent ABV porter is described as a balanced and smooth brew, offering robust and roasty notes, with a malty taste with aromas of espresso and dark chocolate.  Harpoon says it was created as a tribute to all the days that Dunkin’ has helped the brew masters fire up the brew kettle.

The special brew will available throughout the fall in 12 ounce bottles and on tap at select locations.  No word on where in Berkshire County will carry the product, but that's mostly because I'm writing this article before package stores open, but as soon as they do I'll make a few calls. Check back for an update!

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