So when Tropical storm Henri blew here Sunday and Monday, When I was driving into work Monday morning I heard an EAS Warning comes on the radio for towns over the border in New York for a tornado circulation being spotted, I have not heard if anyone was hurt.

We here in the Berkshires got bouts of heavy rain on and off throughout Monday. Besides a lot of standing water on the roads and my tomato plants getting knocked over we were lucky it was not worse.

This comes from a person who lived in the Florida panhandle and one of the biggest Hurricanes ever hit our coast, we lived on Okaloosa island that was completely submerged houses including mine this was caused by the storm surge of Opal. Hurricane Opal was a large and powerful Category 4, there are some issues that it was really a cat 5, the hurricane that caused severe and extensive damage along the northern Gulf Coast Down south we did have tornados, but water spouts were more likely ( it is like a tornado that starts in the water then goes on land.)


People are smart enough about hurricanes that they go inland pretty quick, luckily even though there was so much damage only nine people died. Property damages from Opal were estimated to have cost $2.1 billion.

So I am checking The National Weather Service site out this morning to see if any damage was done and noticed they are reporting The remnants of Henri generated three tornadoes in Massachusetts on Monday.

NWS confirmed three EF-0 tornadoes touched down in Marlboro, Bolton, and Stow. They were all small, brief, and didn’t cause much damage

The first tornado touched down in Marlboro causing minor damage including trees down on cars and lofted debris, the NWS confirmed. The storm traveled approximately 0.75 miles with estimated peak winds of 65 mph.

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