Back in December when I was on family leave to care for my wife, I was informed that a listener had left a Christmas present for my children on my desk at work.

Now, I knew who this person was, she has been a fan of the radio station and DJs forever. Her name is Joyce Sayers and is probably one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Kind and considerate, she will literally mail the radio station a card for every holiday and then some.

When I returned to work on Jan. 4, I saw the wrapped present sitting on my desk. Once the morning show was complete, I tore the wrapping off the box. Now, I forget why I unwrapped the gift and not my children, but that's besides the point.

What I saw after removing the wrapping paper was box containing a two slice toaster by Black and Decker...or so I thought.

I was puzzled. Joyce got my kids a toaster for Christmas? Really?

What are my children gonna do with a toaster? I Immediately felt guilt and shame for judging such a nice lady who has children and grandchildren of her own for gifting such a strange and "adult" thing.

I was asking co-workers for advice. What was I gonna do with it? Leave it at the radio station for breakfast was my first thought.

In preparation to leave the toaster in the kitchen at work, I opened the box...only to find wrapped gifts inside!

She used the toaster box to put the kids' gifts in. DUH. Now, that sounds more like Joyce Sayers.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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