I recently filled up at the Mobil on Rte.7 in Lanesborough without looking at the price of regular. When the pump clicked, my total was close to $50.00! Only then I observed I was paying $2.53 for a gallon of regular unleaded.

The average price for regular (87) in Massachusetts right now is $2.51, according to gasbuddy.com.

A friend of mine just today sent me a screenshot of the pic below.


Now, I know most of you may not have a 30-gallon tank like him, however, it's been a while since we've seen a gas charge for $71.93.

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Gas prices plummeted when COVID-19 hit, (the average price for regular was $1.95 in April of 2020), but why are they climbing all of the sudden? The pandemic is not over.

Given all this, Americans are driving less and thus using less gas, not more. So why are prices rising? It comes down to one thing: hope. -fastcompany.com

Hope? Yes, as in future crude oil prices.

Many Americans think the worst is behind us regarding the pandemic. Even though demand for fuel isn't surging, the hope that vaccines will end the pandemic is driving oil prices higher.

Experts predict that by summer, we could see gas prices see $3.00.

I would pay $3.00 for gas if we could safely get out of this pandemic, you?

As far as Pittsfield goes, the lowest is price for regular is $2.37, the highest being $2.53.

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