The Berkshires is one of the more awe-inspiring spots to be every Fall. And people are absolutely in love with everything about the spots we call home as of late. People have been taking to social media to gush over what they are seeing in the Berkshires so far this Fall season, in case you haven't noticed. Luckily, in the case that you haven't noticed, if you search social media late, especially Twitter, you may be very pleasantly overwhelmed by what you're seeing from our region.

Travel publications talk about it all the time! 'The 10 Best Places For a Fall Getaway' will typically be the article title, or something to that effect and sure enough, the Berkshires in western Massachusetts will be one of the top choices on the list, if not the very top choice! People love to check out the numerous hikes, trails, all of the foliage, they love the reasonable Fall-temps that seem just right, and they fall in love with our region just enough so they can brag to everyone that follows them on social media. It's almost a given.

So what are people ranting and raving about in the Berkshires this year? I've already mentioned how there is numerous aspects of our region that people just eat up! Here's what Twitter has been saying about the Berkshires in the Fall of 2022...

If you type in a search for 'Berkshires' into Twitter, you would almost think that it would be trending on the social media platform. The point is, people are going crazy for our region right now because of all it has to offer. You might notice that most of these previous tweets are from the past week. That's just a handful of what you might see as we have most of the Fall season still ahead of us. Enjoy it while you can!

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