Is it just me or are rabbits EVERYWHERE this year?

My neighborhood in southeast Pittsfield seems like it is INFESTED by rabbits as I've never seen before. We obviously have them every year but I feel like this summer my yard is overrun.

Every. Single. Time I pull in my driveway there are at least two hanging out and a handful in the yard as well. And it's not just my house. Walking my dog around the neighborhood is basically an upper body workout because they are everywhere! I've never seen anything like it.

A neighbor of mine who has lived in the area her entire life has echoed my sentiment, that this year has been worse than ever. They've overrun her yard and are going to town on her garden as well.

Not only are the furry guys everywhere, but they are bold! They barely flinch when I walk out into the yard and only run away if my dog is barreling after them.

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Marion Larson with Mass Wildlife in speaking with the Boston Globe said the question "Are there more rabbits than usual in Massachusetts this year?" is virtually impossible to answer because there is literally no way to count them all.

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Larson says her department has heard from many residents reporting wildlife sightings this year, including rabbits, but she chalks it up to more observation, rather than more animals. Meaning people have been home a lot more than normal in the past year and we're just noticing wildlife more than ever.

I have maintained a pretty normal work schedule since March of 2020, barely increasing my time at home, so I'm not sure if I quite buy that reasoning. There is no doubt in my mind (and my neighbors) that I've never seen so many rabbits in my life! But to Larson's point, animals don’t sit still for a census.

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