So here we are, over a week into 2018, and if you're like millions of other American's, you might have pledged to eat healthier in the new year. Not-so-Spoiler Alert: it's much easier said than done. In my adult life I have hit peaks and valleys of health, weight and physical fitness, and right now, I happen to be in one of those valleys. I know a peak (where I can hopefully stay) is only a few months of hard work away, but for me sticking to a diet is hard work, but vital. I'm someone who can work out seven days a week, but if I'm not making smart food choices, I won't see results.

Many things can make a choosing a healthier lifestyle difficult to keep up with.  It's hard to ignore cravings for your favorite pizza, or picking up Chinese take-out on a lazy Sunday. Making the conscious decision to say no to cravings is hard for everyone, but for many of us, keeping the kitchen stocked with healthy choices can be just as hard on your wallet as it is on you. So to the internet I went, on the hunt to find budget friendly health foods that would work for me. Well wouldn't you know, Delish had me covered. They compiled a list of 50 healthy, reasonably priced grocery store items. I scrolled there and found several go to's that I have had in the past, and some new ones I can't wait to try. Check out the whole list at



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    Dry Roasted Edamame

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    Organic Turkey Bacon

    WHO DOESN'T LOVE BACON?! Don't deprive yourself, just sub your standard bacon with turkey bacon! It's still tastes pretty delicious and is WAY better for you. The Trade Joe's Uncured Turkey Bacon is made with lean boneless, skinless turkey and at just $2.99 for 8 ounces it won't crush your funds. Although sadly there isn't a Trader Joe's in The Berkshires, the place is so amazing, it's worth a road trip.

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    Brown Rice & Quinoa Pasta

    There's no way I can live without pasta, just can't do it. I'm Italian and I could literally eat pasta every meal of every day. Rice and Quinoa pastas are a great replacement for tradition pasta, and bonus, they're packed with protein at five grams per serving. I know I might sound like a Trader Joe's commercial, but their brand is super tasty and doesn't have that cardboard taste that some GF pastas tend to have. At just $2.99 for 16oz, it gets two thumbs up.

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    Terra Chips

    I love to snack, and I'm obsessed with Terra Chips. A great alternative to typical greasy and hydrogenated potato chips, the roots are a staple in my house. They have a bunch of different varieties, but in my favorite, the original bag, you'll find beets, squash, sweet potatoes, parsnips and carrots. They are extra crunchy, which I love! At $3.14 for a 6.8 oz standard bag size, you're not spending anymore than you would on regular chips.

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    Frozen Fruit Bars

    Not so shockingly, I'm a dessert girl. I hate those people, 'I'm not really big on dessert' or 'I'm too full for dessert' Ohhhh, SHUT UP. Quitters. That's what I call people who can't finish with dessert. Frozen fruit bars are great option for dessert lovers, the natural sweetness satisfies a sweet tooth, and these bad boys are fat free. The 365 brand offers a box of four for $2.69, making each bar less than 70 cents each!

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