Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker signed into law the distracted driving bill. Not to be confused with the "no texting" law which was enacted in 2010, this new law bans all hand-held usage of cell phones behind the wheel.

Under this law, people will no longer be able to make calls while driving, unless they do it hands-free. Drivers can still view maps generated by a navigation system as long as the electronic device is mounted on the car’s windshield or dashboard.

The new law goes into effect on Feb. 23, 2020 and officers can only warn offenders on first offense until March 31, 2020.

There will be a $100 fine for the first offense, a $250 fine for a second and fines of $500 for subsequent offenses. Police will not be allowed to take drivers’ cell phones under the new law.

Although the new law seems cut and dry, folks have questions. With some help from, we have some answers for you!

Q: My car is a 2003 with no "hands-free" technology, can I make a call from my cell phone?

A: You may not hold your phone while talking. You have to mount your phone to make a call. Furthermore, you can look at a map or navigation system as long as your phone is mounted on a center console, dashboard or windshield.

Q: What if there is an emergency?

A: In this case, you may use your phone in any manner; whether you need police, fire, tow, or need to report for the safety of others.

Q: What about other electronic devices?

A: No. The law prohibits the use of all electronic devices.

Q: Can I use my phone when parked?

A: The law does not apply when your car is pulled over and not moving.

Q: Will my insurance go up if I get fined?

A: With a third offense, your insurance company can surcharge you.

Q: I am a first responder, does the law apply to me?

A: The ban does not apply to public safety personnel or emergency first responders who are in an emergency services vehicle performing their duties.

Racial profiling is illegal, and records will be kept for all traffic stops and written violations.

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