Halloween is over and, paraphrasing the great Bill Belichick, we're on to Thanksgiving!

To celebrate Turkey Day in the Berkshires, Live 95.9 and Big Y World Class Market are teaming up to make your Thanksgiving plans a little bit easier.

Beginning Monday Nov. 5 until Friday, Nov. 9, we will provide a different Thanksgiving Trivia question each day. You will have until 5 p.m. each day to answer the question correctly. We will randomly select two of the entrants who came up with the correct answer on that particular day to win a delicious pie from Big Y.

That covers dessert, but what about the dinner?

I'm glad you asked! Each winner of a pie will also be qualified to win the grand prize, a Thanksgiving feast from Big Y. Two of those will be given away on Friday Nov. 9.

Thank you all who participated in the contest. All pie winners, along with the grand prize winners are listed below.



Monday's Question: According to history, what well known president refused to declare Thanksgiving a holiday in the US? George Washington, John Adams, Abraham Lincoln or Thomas Jefferson?

Answer: Thomas Jefferson

Monday winners: Sheila Riddle & Ginni Cuenin

Tuesday Question: According to a 2017 survey, what was the most Google searched pie in Massachusetts? Apple, Pumpkin, Pecan or Sweet Potato?

Answer: Pumpkin

Tuesday winners: Danielle Shea & Shannon Perusse

Wednesday Question: According to legend -- and a journal by a Pilgrim chronicler -- what type of meat was served at the first Thanksgiving? Turkey, chicken, venison or buffalo?

Answer: Venison

Wednesday winners: Andrea Simonelli & Sharon Polidoro

Thursday Question: What famous Christmas song was originally written for Thanksgiving? Jingle Bells, Silent Night, Little Drummer Boy or Let it Snow?

Answer: Jingle Bells

Thursday winners: Donna Bordeau & Elizabeth Erdeski

Friday Question: In 'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving', what does Charlie Brown serve to his friends for Thanksgiving dinner? Chicken, turkey, ice cream or pizza?

Answer: Ice cream

Friday Winners: Kim Buckley & Francis Maillet

Grand Prize Winners:

Ginni Cuenin & Kim Buckley

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