The average property owner in America owns 10,800 square feet, or a quarter of an acre. In rural areas of Massachusetts, it's not uncommon to own many acres of land, but in more densely populated areas more of the average quarter of an acre is much more common.

 Price Of Land In Mass. Is 'Second Highest' In America


We live in the western part of Massachusetts where land is a little more plentiful than the crowded eastern section of the state. Buying land and building a home is a beautiful thing, but there is a lot to it. Clearing land, zoning, getting electricity, access to sewer or septic, access to water, and more are all part of the process.


For the purpose of this post, we are talking strictly the average price of land per acre in the state of Massachusetts. Land is super expensive in some municipalities and super affordable in others.

Rhode Island comes in at number one, and Massachusetts has the second highest average per acre land cost.

The 5 States Where Land is the Most Valuable

  1. Rhode Island – $350,400/acre
  2. Massachusetts – $333,200/acre
  3. Connecticut – $282,900/acre
  4. New Jersey – $242,900/acre
  5. Hawai’i – $202,400/acre
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The 5 States Where Land is the Least Valuable

  1. Arizona – $4,200/acre
  2. New Mexico – $6,000/acre
  3. Mississippi – $10,800/acre
  4. Colorado – $11,600/acre
  5. Arkansas – $11,600/acre

So what do you notice about the geographical location of the most expensive land versus the least expensive? The more expensive land is in the eastern part of America and the least in the west, for the most part.

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