I can see it now, "It's not even Thanksgiving, yet! How can you put up your Christmas tree so early?"

There is a simple answer to this question - there is a 4-year-old that is getting more understanding of the magical holiday.

My wife and I would normally not put up our tree this early in the season. Our son Grayson has slowly grasped Christmas over our first three years celebrating as a family. This year is different. He is excited for everything that surrounds it. Of course, he wants to rip open wrapping paper and find out what is inside of it, but this time, it's more than just presents -  it's the whole package (no pun intended).


As we put the tree together and turned on the lights, the look on his face and the, "Wow, that's amazing" that followed made it all worth it. I rushed to the car to grab the CD we made so he could hear his new, favorite Christmas song, "Jingle Bells", as performed by the cast of Glee and he began throwing up the ornaments as quickly as possible.

By the traditional standards, yes, it is too early to put up a Christmas tree. However, when you have the bright eyes and smile of a 4-year-old who only knows that the big day is coming, and not that it is several weeks away, do those standards even matter? I say, put it up whenever you want.

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