The weather forecast looks amazing temperature-wise for the first time this year. Yes, I know we had some warm temps in late March and early April, but now it looks to be consistent. With the warmer weather, however, comes mosquitoes and ticks and WASPS!

Like any other pesty insect, everybody hates wasps and/or hornets. Let's face it, they're annoying and they can STING you! You know who hates wasps more than anyone besides landscaping people? MAIL CARRIERS.

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Slater had the chance to speak with local Pittsfield mail dude, Rob Lucey, about his experience with these summer menaces.

Slater: What can you put in your mailbox to deter wasps from making a nest?

Rob: Well there is there always the dryer sheet, I'm assuming the smell that comes from it makes the wasps or hornets not want to enter.

Slater: How often do you encounter wasps inside mailboxes?

Rob: At least a couple of times a week.

Slater: If you a mailbox has a nest inside, where do you leave the mail?

Rob: If the mailbox has a paper chute attached to the post, I will put it in there or wedge it in between the flag and the mailbox if there is not a lot of mail. I will usually leave a note for the person notifying them of the nest first though.

Slater: Have you ever gotten stung? If so, how often? Are you allergic?

Rob: Absolutely. Probably at least twice a summer. No, I'm not allergic.

There are other hiding spots for nests as well, according to Lucey. Underneath the porch deck can be a dangerous spot as well.

Listen below.

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