Massachusetts residents love to gamble.

According to, the Commonwealth's lottery broke records in 2019 hitting an all-time $5.509 billion in revenue, yielding a net profit of $1.104 billion. Between nine games (The Numbers Game, Keno, Jackpot Poker, All or Nothing, Mass Cash, Megabucks Doubler, Lucky for Life, Mega Millions, Powerball) and countless ever changing scratch tickets, the Bay State's lottery is thrieving.

As whole, the United States spent $81.6 billion in state lotto tickets in 2019 across the 45 states where games are avaialable, plus Washignton D.C., Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Utah and Nevada do not have state lotteries.

How Much Does the Average American Spend on the Lottery Every Year?

According to a study from 24/7 Wall St on average American adults spent about $320 on lottery tickets, however it varies dramtically from state to state.

What U.S. State Spends the Most On Lottery Tickets?

Massachusetts adults on average spend the most annually on the lottery.

How Much Does the Average Massachusetts Resident Spend on the Lottery Every Year?

Residents in the Bay State spent a whopping $951.92 per adult, which is more than any other state in the U.S. That's just over $600 for than the national average. Massachusetts do however have a higher than average return percentage with the average Massachusetts adult winning $701.50 annually.

While this isn't great for the individual player, it it good news for the states revenue. Lottery ticket sales of brought is around $5.09 billion, about 20 percent of which is distributed back to the state's municipalities.

Massachusetts revenue from its residents gambling will continute to increase as sports betting goes live in early 2023. Gov Charlie Baker's administration first proposed the legalization of sports betting in 2019, a bill which finally passed in August of 2022. According to the American Gaming Association, the new law makes Massachusetts the 36th state in the U.S. to legalize sports betting.


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