Besides the Lipton Mart (Mobil) on Pittsfield/Lenox Rd., Lenox does not have a modern gas station slash convenience mart.

Citing a fresh new look, products that will be beneficial to residents and travelers alike, and a decrease in traffic and noise pollution are just a few of the advantages listed as reasons for renovating.

Shanlen Realty Corp, owner of Hoff's Sunoco station at 90 Main St., is seeking a special permit to renovate the current site into a modern convenience store while reducing the number of gas pumps from six to four. -The Berkshire Eagle

The Lenox ZBA will hear the application on Sept. 19, according to

In Pittsfield, two major renovations of gas stations/convenience marts have occurred within the last 3 years. The Cumberland Farms on First and Adams, Alltown Shell on First and Tyler, and the Global Shell on West Housatonic St. recently added brand new pumps.

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