Ah yes, I'm sure I'm not alone when I say this is my favorite time of the year. Every one of us who ventures out onto the roads on a daily basis gets to play the game of "Guess How Deep That Pothole Is?"

I wonder how many traffic cops out on the roads lately have heard the excuse, "Honestly, Officer, I haven't been drinking! I swear, I'm just trying to avoid the potholes!" However bad your pothole experience has been, trust me, you are not alone. Personally, I never try to avoid them because whenever I try to swerve around one pothole, I usually hit three or four more.

Believe it or not, a study was recently conducted by Stacker that took a look at all the data from the national junk car buying and removal service The Clunker Junker. They then ranked every state according to how many pothole complaints were posted on Twitter.

Now, as bad as we think we have it in the Bay State, there are actually three states with a higher percentage of pothole complaints than Massachusetts! I know, call me crazy, but we only came in at #4.

The states that have worse roads than us(at least according to the Twitter complaints) are as follows: New York comes in at #3, followed by Hawaii at #2, and Rhode Island coming in at #1. According to the data, for every 1,000 kilometers of road, Rhode Island has 23.4 Twitter complaints.

In comparison, Massachusetts receives 18.7 pothole complaints for every 1,000 kilometers. If you're a Massachusetts resident and you truly believe we have the worst potholes in the nation, then you'll just have to complain about it more.

To further look at the study by the numbers and to see how other states placed in the report, please visit Stacker's website here.

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