I'm recently back from Sarasota, Florida after spending a long weekend in the sunshine state. The weather was everything I expected, sunny, warm and beachy! I don't travel as much as Marjo does in a calendar year, but I'd sure like to change that.

For the infrequent traveler, when to arrive at the airport is a common question. Yes, it matters what airport. The size of the airport, the amount of daily flights, the time of year... it all matters.

Total Factors:

Airport size, number of annual passengers, number of annual enplanements, number of restaurants/bars, number of shops, number of lounges, percentage of on-time departures, percentage of delayed departures, average TSA wait time, number of terminals, number of gates, number of airport employees, number of parking lots/decks, car traffic volume, and car traffic index.

Logan Aiport Facebook
Logan Airport Facebook

Ensuring that you don't miss your flight is paramount, yes? I mean, for me it is! You don't plan a trip and spend a bunch of money just to miss your plane, do you? Arriving too early, however, is kind of boring though. 😂 So this begs the question...

How Early Must You Arrive At Boston's Logan Airport For Your Flight?

The person who I was traveling with to Sarasota with disagreed with me on how early we should get there. She thought we should arrive 2 hours early, I thought an hour and twenty should do the trick.

Fortunately, I have never had a problem not arriving super early, but it's not what they recommend.

Travelers at Logan should arrive 2 hours and 33 minutes ahead of their flights. -boston.com

Well, there it is, folks. Happy traveling!

I hope you found this post fun and informative.

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