The winter of '22 is here and for the most part it hasn't been terribly snowy; however, we in Massachusetts have dealt with some frigid temperatures this January. It was -14 the other night, that's COLD.

After a few embarrassing moments over the years having to put diesel in my tank after some close calls, I called my oil company and opted for auto-delivery.

You know, when they estimate how much oil you use on a monthly basis all the while taking into consideration how cold it is outside, and then schedule your drop off.

Combine the recent frigid temps with the fact that my house leaks a lot of heat, my tank was showing that I had less than a quarter left, so I called my oil company in a panic to see if they could come a little early.

They assured me that I was in no danger of running out in the next 48 hours and scheduled someone to come to my house "in the next few days".

K Neville
K Neville


Obviously this pertains solely to people who use oil as their home heating fuel, but I was told on the phone (Clifford Oil) that the average home uses around 5 gallons a day.

The answer depends on a variety of factors, but on a typical winter day, in an average-sized house, you can expect 5 gallons to last up to a day. On an extremely cold day, your house may go through 10 or more gallons, so it's important to make sure you don't run out of home heating oil.

Given the fact that most homes have a 275 gallon tank, using 5 gallons a day will last around 55 days or almost 2 months, however, with these recent temperatures, using more like 10 gallons a day really drains that bank account!

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