The latest brain-busting word game obsession, "Wordle", has been popping up all over people's social media feeds as of late and rightfully so. Similar to "Wheel Of Fortune", the goal of the game is to solve the (5 letter word) of the day by using clues from the previous word you entered.

What's important to note is that this game is universal. There is only one game per day and everyone is trying to figure out the same exact word which makes it easy to ruin for others if one were to do so.



Consumed with frustration because I was not coming up with Monday's word seemingly faster than Marjo, (we are ridiculously competitive), when I finally figured out the answer, Marjo was on guess number 6 (the last and final attempt allowed) when I, super confident she wasn't going to get the answer, offered to pay her $1000 if she came up with it.

Was that confusing? I feel like that was confusing...

Anyway... She guessed correctly and in telling that story, I blurted out the last three letters in today's word on the air! For a moment there, I felt as if just Marjo and I were discussing today's Wordle and the mics weren't on.

So, for anyone in the Live 95.9 listening audience who is as currently obsessed with this stupid game as I am, primarily in Berkshire County, I'm deeply sorry. 😢 Will you ever forgive me?

If you wanna give Wordle a try, go here.

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