It’s graduation season, and that got me thinking…just how smart are we in Massachusetts?

From Berkshire Community College, to MCLA, to Williams College, we have some great institutions of higher learning right here in Berkshire County.  Of course, Massachusetts is home to not only the excellent University of Massachusetts colleges, but also Tufts, Boston University, MIT, and Harvard!  We’re not lacking on quality higher education, and the stats seem to back that up!

According to different studies, such as this one and this one, Massachusetts is ranked the top state out there for education.

And, according to the most recent United States Census, just over 44% of residents in Massachusetts have at least a Bachelor’s Degree.  It’s a little lower in Berkshire County, with about 35%.  About 20% of those with a B.A. go on to a higher degree.

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I know much has been debated recently about the worth of a college degree, especially compared to how awful student loans can be.  But, as someone who proudly graduated from Berkshire Community College and then the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, I can say I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  I grew both socially and academically in college, and it helped develop me into a confident, critically thinking, well-rounded person.

Of course, this isn’t me saying you have to go to college to become a good, smart, or well-rounded person.  College isn’t for everyone.  But, for me personally, I'm very thankful I went and graduated, and it worked for me.

Massachusetts is also consistently one of the highest ranked and best states to live in.  We rank high on health care (accessibility and quality), our strong state economy, low crime rate compared to other states, natural environment and more.  I don’t think it’s coincidence that Massachusetts ranks high in education and also succeeds in many other areas.

I know some people might call us snobs here in Massachusetts, and I know Massachusetts isn't a perfect state.  But, I take pride in my state being well educated and a great place to live, especially compared to many other states in our nation.


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