After some long months of renovations, the Berkshire Museum is gearing up to reopen their new and improved second floor. The Museum has five new exhibitions and lots of cool stuff going on!

All this week, Live 95.9  is blowing out four packs of passes to the Berkshire Museum.

Each weekday morning, Slater and Marjo will list a series of items on display at the Berkshire Museum, enter those items at the form below and you could win.

Good luck from the new and improved second floor at the Berkshire Museum and Live 95.9.

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View contest rules by going here.

A note from Jeff Rodgers, Executive Director of Berkshire Museum

There are so many ways to explore and appreciate the world we live in. Science explores how the natural world works. History explores how those who came before us understood their world, interacted with each other, and how we’ve changed over time. The Arts explore unique and powerful ways of expressing perspectives on our world, and our relationship with our world and with each other. To be human is to be curious, curiosity leads to exploration. It is in our nature to seek new ways to learn, understand, and communicate. When you start a journey to explore new ideas you never know where that journey might take you, but the result is that you’ll see, understand, and appreciate the world in ways that you did not before. At Berkshire Museum we hope to spark your creativity and encourage you to think about and see your world differently. That’s why we do what we do at Berkshire Museum, gathering up bits of the world and exploring them with you. In Explore @Home, we invite you to join us in our explorations, whoever and wherever you are. I don’t know where our explorations will take us, but I promise that, together, we’ll learn something new and appreciate our world in ways that we did not before we started.

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