Pittsfield will begin the maintenance of the city's water system on Monday according to the alert call and posting on the city's FB page.  The project is expected to last four weeks.  The annual maintenance program opens city hydrants in order to remove accumulations of pipeline corrosion products according to the announcement.

Pittsfield Hydrant Flushing Program Begins Monday

The upcoming flushing for the week of April 25 may be expected to affect the following areas:

  • Starting at the town line on Dalton Avenue working west through Coltsville including lower Crane Avenue, Meadowview neighborhood, following Cheshire Road north.
  • Hubbard Avenue and Downing Parkway.
  • Starting at the town line on East Street working west through the McIntosh and Parkside neighborhoods.
  • Elm Street neighborhoods west to the intersection of East Street.
  • Starting at the town line on Williams Street working west including Mountain Drive, Ann Drive, East New Lenox Road, and Holmes Road neighborhoods.

If you live in the area flushing is taking place you may experience reduced water pressure and witness discolored water.  You should let the water run for a short period of time.  If you continue to see discolored water you are urged to reach out to the Water Department at 499-9339.

According to the City's statement..."Flushing is an important operating procedure that contributes significantly to the maintenance of the water quality in the water distribution system. The department regrets any inconvenience during this time."  Please let your dog know they might have to find an alternative to their favorite city hydrant.

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