There is an old time sounding Dunkin' commercial on the radio right now and it got me thinking of when I first started learning about the iconic coffee chain as a kid.

Everyone in Massachusetts Remembers The 'Time To Make The Donuts' Guy

Mr. Vale, a well-known character actor, appeared in more than 1,300 television commercials, including as Dunkin' Donuts' iconic Fred the Baker, a character that was retired in 1997. He also created the character Sam Breakstone, in commercials for Breakstone Dairy Products.

The Actor Lived In The Small Western Massachusetts Town of Stockbridge

Michael Vale

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He was a former co-owner of The Apple Tree Inn in Lenox. He also renovated and re-opened the former Alice's Restaurant in Stockbridge as an inn and restaurant.

The iconic Dunkin' Donuts commercials ran from 1982 to 1997. Vale died in 2005 due to complications of diabetes.

Dunkin' Donuts first opened in Quincy, MA in 1950, and operates 1068 stores.

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