"The speed limit in Lynn is 19 mph!", my grandmother told me when I got my license. She said it with such anger too! 😀 I was like, "What the heck are you talking about?"

What she was referring to was the statutory speed limit. Yes, just because there is no speed limit sign posted doesn't mean you can drive at whatever speed you feel like.

Just to be clear, I didn't know what that term meant either! Although, you may have...

So, How Fast Can You Legally Drive In Massachusetts If There Is No Speed Limit Posted?

There are several different types of regulatory and advisory speed signs that are used throughout Massachusetts.

Blank Speed Limit Sign


Speed limits for roads that do not have posted speed limits and have been established by MGL c.90§17 to apply throughout the Commonwealth.  These include:

  • 50 mph on a divided highway outside of a thickly settled or business district for at least ¼ of a mile
  • 40 mph on an undivided highway outside of a thickly settled or business district for at least ¼ of a mile
  • 30 mph in a Thickly Settled or Business District for at least 1/8 of a mile.  A Thickly Settled or Business District is identified as an area where homes are less than 200 feet apart or areas where businesses are built up, for a distance of ¼ mile.  Where municipalities have adopted MGL c.90§17c, the speed limit is further reduced to 25 mph.

The above information is courtesy of mass.gov

I hope the information in this post was helpful.

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