If you know me at all, you know I love people. And I, like most others, don't want to see another student, or anyone, killed. But, for protection while we sort out our gun law issues, I do not have an issue with some armed guards at America's schools.

I remember reading about Columbine High School in April of '99. I was shocked and saddened at the pure evil of what those two boys did. Fast forward to present day 2018, it's the new normal, with every reported mass shooting still comes sadness, but a little less shock.

With the second amendment so dear America's heart in combination with the NRA's stronghold, (although its grip may be loosening), what shall we do about school shootings?

President Trump has suggested teachers who get properly trained and volunteer to carry on the job may be entitled to a bonus, according to an article on nytimes.com.

Armed teachers, wow, has it gotten this bad? Some schools in Pittsfield have resource officers who carry, but teachers?

We only know what we learn and grow up accustomed to. Learning firearm safety at a young age, one can develop a respect for a gun's power. I know I did recently at a gun range and while taking an LTC class.

My family didn't own a gun when we were growing up, but I'm in full agreement with the second amendment, and would not snicker if my children wanted to learn gun safety for sport or self protection.

I support some change to our current gun laws, and I don't claim to be an expert, however, armed guards in our schools wouldn't frighten me. The idea of this potential reality is, in fact, more disappointing.






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