Last week Slater and Marjo In The Morning talked about the national trending story that IHOP (International House of Pancakes) would change to IHOb, and that the world would find out today (June 11).

Well according to, IHOP will become IHOb(urgers)! Burgers!? Don't they already have burgers? Wait, no more pancakes? Calm down, pancake fans.

Known for its pancakes, the newly dubbed IHOb is releasing seven Ultimate Steakburgers as part of its rebranding effort – all the while keeping its breakfast items on the menu.

The company just wants to focus more on getting you in the door after 11 AM. Competition is rampant! Remember when Taco Bell starting offering breakfast?

The whole goal of this effort was to convince people that we were just as serious about our burgers as we are about our pancakes.

Slater and Marjo confirmed through multiple sources that there was, in fact, no IHOP on Cheshire Rd. in Pittsfield in the "A" shaped building near Monro Muffler. However, it was a restaurant of some sort.

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