With Christmas only a few short days away, Massachusetts residents are scrambling to tie up last-minute odds and ends.

While last-minute shopping is the norm, last-minute holiday decorations aren't quite as common. Chances are, if you haven't put up your holiday lights by now, four days out, you're probably not going to. The majority of Massachusetts residents put their holiday lights up the weekend after Thanksgiving, or the first weekend of December, depending on the weather. Nationwide, over 150 million strings of lights are hung annually, lighting up over 80 million homes, according to Rainbow Holiday Design.


We all know those homes that go full-on Clark Griswold for the Christmas Holiday and we can only imagine what their electric bill is. However some folks take it even further, who don't just deck out their home, but their pets, their offices, and yes, even their cars.


We've seen wreaths or Rudolph's red nose on the front grill of vehicles and maybe even some antlers adorning the rear windows, but some folks take decorating their cars for the holidays to the next level. That's right, we're talking about actual Christmas Lights.

Can You Legally Hang Christmas Lights on Your Car in Massachusetts

There is no exact law that contains language specific to hanging Christmas lights on your car in Massachusetts, but there are laws that prevent drivers from displaying or hanging anything in or on their vehicle that would impede or prohibit sight lines or obstruct a driver's vision.

So while it might not technically be illegal, it's probably your best bet to leave the Christmas lights on your house.

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