The holiday season is in full swing which means there is extra shopping to be done. With extra shopping comes the shipping of presents to relatives who may not be home for the holidays this year. Plus, think about all of those greeting cards you have to mail out. Oh, you haven't started that yet? It's time to get cracking on that project.

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Did You Know Some Items Are Illegal to Ship By US Mail in Massachusetts and Throughout the Country? 

Since many folks will be shipping out various gifts and cards this holiday season, did you know some items are illegal to ship by US Mail? Yep, there are. Not that you would probably ever send these items, there are some unique people out there. To make it clear we have included the list of items that are illegal to ship.

Items That Can't Be Shipped Via U.S. Mail

What is the Penalty for Sending Prohibited Items in the US Mail? 

Here's what can happen if you send prohibited items via US Mail as stated by easy ship.

If an item is prohibited, it means it is strictly not allowed to be shipped by the USPS. Service will automatically be denied if your shipment’s contents are prohibited. If you weren’t honest about the contents of your shipment and USPS finds out, they have the right to suspend or close your account.

Now you know which items are illegal to ship not only during the holiday season but at any time during the year.

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