I don't know Alex Reimer from a hole in a wall; however, the WEEI-FM/Boston sportscaster has a pretty impressive resume for a 25 year old.

According to hollywoodlife.com, Reimer has worked for Forbes, Boston Magazine, Boston Herald, SiriusXM, did a Red Sox podcast, and now WEEI, (well, he is currently suspended indefinitely).

The Boston Herald recently put up an online poll asking readers what to do with Reimer. Fire him? Suspend him and move on? Have him issue an apology? (or) Leave it up to Tom Brady? The current result of the poll? 65% say fire his a**. Really? Fire him?

Alex Reimer recently called Tom Brady's 5 year old daughter, Vivian, an "annoying little pissant" on air, when referring to the opening scene in "Tom Vs. Time", Brady's new docu-series on Facebook.

I want to be clear, however, people's kids are off limits. You just don't talk smack about people's children, end of story. Tom Brady himself, who told WEEI's Kirk and Callahan he'd have to re-evaluate his relationship with the radio station after learning about Reimer's comment, that he didn't want the young sportscaster to lose his gig.

This situation is unique, however, Tom Brady is a God in Boston, and if WEEI's competition, WBZ/The Sports Hub were to ever scoop up Brady for their airwaves, that would be devastating.

I have worked for, and been on the air for a handful of radio stations in my life, sometimes you can say STUPID things. To err is human, to forgive is divine.

Give a listen to Reimer's comments below. What would you do if you were his boss?










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