I used to dread every April 15 for many years. Why? That's when Uncle Sam wanted his money.

I learned the phrase "amended return" when I was 21, due to the fact that I hadn't filed my taxes the three years previous. Why? I owed, of course. That's why.

Somewhere along the way, I started claiming "0" when filling out my W-4. By claiming zero dependents, (not even yourself), the government withholds the most out of your weekly pay, resulting in a larger return at the end of the year.

Plus, I was 10-99'd back then!

Not only did I not loathe April 15th anymore, on the contrary, I looked forward to filing as early as I could every January.

Side note: Trump's increase in the child tax credit was beneficial as well.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, I will not be filing in January this year. Not to panic, early filer lovers, it's just a slight delay.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will open this year’s filing season will open on Feb. 12, 2021, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard E. Neal said on Friday. -masslive.com

The IRS has been busy lately processing stimulus checks, with likely another round once Biden gets in office.

Taxes are still due on April 15th. If you need an extension, however, you can file for one with Oct. 15 being the latest the IRS will accept without penalty and fees.

Electronic filers will receive returns starting in early March, according to masslive.com.

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